BMW i8

    BMW i8

    $599 / day



    Engineturbocharged cylinder engine
    Fuel typeGasoline

    The BMW i8 is the ultimate luxury car rental in Atlanta. With superior performance, unparalleled style, and breathtaking functionality, it’s the perfect choice for a memorable drive. From the sleek exterior to its driving dynamics and modern design features, this ride exudes style and sophistication.

    Enjoy Supreme Handling and Unmatched Power

    Its powerful 2.0L turbocharged engine produces an impressive 357 horsepower providing you with a smooth and powerful drive while achieving an outstanding fuel efficiency of just 1.5l / 100km. The car also offers superior handling thanks to its Adaptive Drive feature, which gives you supreme control over your ride, allowing you to adjust handling and braking individually according to your preferences. The 6-speed Steptronic transmission makes for smooth gear shifts and lets you take advantage of every bit of power from the engine.

    The BMW i8 is all about style as well as having cutting-edge technology under the hood; it boasts a range of interior features designed to make each ride exceptionally comfortable. You’ll love the leather upholstery, adjustable infotainment system, dual-zone climate control system, and cruise control options that all add even more convenience on top of being able to enjoy an iconic BMW design.

    Rent This Premium Vehicle for Your Next Journey

    If you’re looking for a rental car that promises class and reliability in spades, look no further than the BMW i8 – available with our exclusive rental service here in Atlanta!