Ah yes, Atlanta. A city known by many different nicknames, such as The Big Peach, The Big A, A-town, Dogwood City or even New York of the South. It doesn’t matter what you call this incredible city, because it has so much to offer which is super fun.
Whether you are visiting Atlanta’s famous chili dog place, or the beautiful nature canopies, or even want to enjoy festivals and music events, you need conveyance to take you from place to place.
This is where we come in as West Coast Luxury Rentals Atlanta. We offer you some of the best luxury sports cars and sedans that you have ever seen.
Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or even with your entire family, we have got you covered because our wide variety of cars can accommodate everything you need for the best and most affordable prices around.
In this list, we have compiled some of the best cars for rent available at West Coast Luxury Rentals in Atlanta in 2022! These are our favorite 3 cars that we keep coming back to. Keep reading on to find out the ones to look out for in our inventory and book us on your next visit!

McLaren GT Black: Black

The McLaren GT (Grand Tourer) in the color black is one of the most classy and modern cars around. If you want to travel around the city of Atlanta in style, this is the one for you.
With sleek and sharp exterior features like tilted lights and upwards opening doors, it’s no wonder that this is a well sought-after car. The McLaren manages to balance thrill with comfort, and style with substance perfectly.
The McLaren GT truly is such a fun car. It will undoubtedly get your heart pumping with its ultra-powerful 4000 CC capacity engine of the 4-liter V8 type. Its twin scrolls turbochargers make for an ultrafast but comfortable and smooth drive.
The speeds this car can reach are truly baffling. Reaching a top speed of up to 204 mph, the McLaren GT can hit 62 mph in a mere 3.2 seconds, and 124 mph in just about 9 seconds. That makes this car such an amazing beast of a sports luxury car. It will truly have you zooming by the highway in Atlanta.
Plus, this car generally comes in 6 colors, including the classic McLaren Orange, Silica White, Aurora Blue, Storm Grey and Vermillion Red, and of course the timeless Onyx Black. We just can’t get over how gorgeous this car can look in its classic form. We can’t wait for you to take it out for a spin.

Porsche 911 Carrera S

The Porsche 911 Carrera S is one of the most impressive cars contained within the West Coast Luxury Rentals Atlanta inventory.
It has a gleaming fiery red exterior body with two cute but iconic round lights and exciting convertible functions. It has a seating capacity of 4 passengers unlike other sports cars that only seat two passengers.
So, driving this car into the heart of the city of Atlanta will not only get you some impressed looks but will also make the best first impressions. So, if you need a car rental to surprise your date this is the car for you.
This Porsche primarily runs on petrol, but the car still has an amazing mileage of 31.75 miles per gallon (mpg) which makes it a super accommodating automobile. Moreover, the 911 has an almost 3000 CC engine with automatic transmission that provides a smooth driving experience.
The Carrera S also boasts an impressive 444-horsepower, which makes it a super-fast and strong car. It has even got anti-glare mirrors, parking sensors, cruise control and even 12-volt power outlets. How cool is that!
The car comes in 12 incredible colors that complement the timeless quality of the Porsche. These include Black, Gentian Blue Metallic, Jet Black Metallic, Agate Grey Metallic, Aventurine Green Metallic, GT Silver, Guards Red, Dolomite Silver Metallic, Lava Orange, White, Racing Yellow and finally, Carrera White Metallic.
This car is a guaranteed phenomenal driving experience that ensures that you can have the time of your life no matter where you go.

Rolls Royce Wraith

There is quite possibly no car more iconic and timeless than the Rolls-Royce. Decades of quality control and top-tier performance ensures it is the best of the best. The version we have chosen for this list is the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

This car has a petrol engine of 6500 CC combined with an automatic transmission that makes it easier to shift gears. Plus, the Wraith has a mileage of around 24 mpg which makes this car an absolute treat and delight to drive through the sights and sounds of Atlanta.

This Rolls-Royce combines the comfort and pleasure of a 4-seater, 12-cylinder car with the adventure and thrill of a luxury car to give you the ultimate automobile experience.

With the maximum power reaching up to approximately 600-horsepower at 55 rounds per minute (rpm), a tank capacity of 83.0, and features like power steering, alloy wheels and fog lights, the Rolls-Royce Wraith provides a truly lavish experience.

We specifically recommend this car to try on all terrains because it is built for heavy-duty excursions.

Moreover, the Rolls-Royce Wraith comes in 11 stunning colors to pick from: Anthracite, Dark Emerald, Black Diamond, Scala Red, Scarlet Red, Darkest Tungsten, Smoky Quartz, Midnight Sapphire, Salamanca Blue, Bohemian Red, and Petra Gold.

So, get your hands on this one-of-a-kind vehicle for rent now in Atlanta!


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